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Make Your Apartment a Thanksgiving Paradise

People at a Thanksgiving meal


Thanksgiving is here, and with it comes family, friends, and of course food! Now, while our apartments here at Woodview at Randolph are very large and spacious, hosting a Thanksgiving meal in an apartment can often start to feel overwhelming very quickly. If you’re inviting friends and family over for a wonderful celebration in your Randolph, MA apartment, we have some tips here to ensure that your holidays go as smoothly as possible.


Living in an apartment can make it difficult to decorate at all, let alone for a holiday as important as Thanksgiving. The key is to make sure that your space doesn’t feel too crowded. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to have your apartment looking festive and spacious. As Elite Daily suggests, try making little decorations and centerpieces such as a fall wreath, wooden coasters, or fall-scented candles. Click on the link above for more suggestions on having your home ready for the holidays.


In the link above, The Kitchn has some suggestions for food and eating. In most apartments, cooking and preparation space is limited, so it can often be helpful to delay the eating until later in the day to ensure you have the proper time. You could also buy a pre-made turkey, as they can often be the most difficult part to prepare and will easily take the most time. If you want to involve everybody, eating potluck style could also be a good tradition to start! Have everyone bring their favorite Thanksgiving food and everyone will feel like they still get to participate in their own holiday traditions as well as yours.


Saving Space

Let’s face it, with all the people we invite for Thanksgiving, any space can start to feel very small very quickly. Extra seating, tables, and entertainment options can take up a lot of space. Luckily, the article above has some tips on how to make your space look and feel larger than it really is. You can angle your table(s) to allow for maximum seating capacity. You can also declutter so guests don’t feel cramped. Additionally, mirrors go a long way in creating the appearance of more space. Whatever you decide to do, more space is always better than less!


What kind of tricks do you have to increase the space in your apartment? Comment below and let us know. We hope you have a fun and safe Thanksgiving here in Randolph, MA.