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Celebrate Women's History Month this March

Woodview at Randolph Blog, Randolph, MA  Take time in March to celebrate Women's History Month. We have ideas about how to celebrate today!

Welcome to March here at Woodview at Randolph in Massachusetts! We hope you’re excited for good things to come this month. We are! We’re especially excited because March is Women’s History Month. Celebrate by taking note of women all around you and around the world. To start with, we’re highlighting ways you can celebrate women this month, in our apartment community, in our city, in our country, and around the world.


How to Celebrate Women’s History Month


Invite friends from our apartment community or Randolph over to watch a movie or documentary highlighting a woman from history who made a difference. A couple of options currently on Netflix include Jackie: A Tale of Two Sisters, about former First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and her sister, Lee, and Iris, a British-American biographical film about novelist Iris Murdoch. Another excellent movie (or book) is Hidden Figures which details the role a team of African-American women played in the rise of NASA during the early years of the U.S. space program.


Support women in local government.

People of all opinions and backgrounds are trying to be part of societal and political change everywhere. Take some interest in what current and potential future local leaders are doing by reading newsletters, news articles, and campaign information about people running. You don’t have to change your opinion on anything to support women, but you can look for, support, and find ways to understand and learn from women in local government.


Mentor a young woman.

Having a mentor can be a powerful thing for a young woman. Whether you volunteer at your local Girls Scouts of America or Big Brothers Big Sisters club, an after school program,  or simply teach a young woman important life skills, you can make a difference and help create a well-rounded woman.


What are your favorite ways to celebrate Women’s History Month? Share with the rest of us by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading. Enjoy, and have a happy, fulfilling, and educational Women’s History Month.